Vote Scoring Methodology

Members get full credit for every vote consistent with FFC core beliefs. Each relevant vote is weighted 1 for important and 2 for critical.  Votes considered less relevant are excluded. Members get 1/2 vote for which they abstain (AB).  If a member is not present (NP) for the vote, the vote is not counted toward their score. 

Votes counted to date (and will be updated for every new important vote): eliminate paper bag fee (1), sunset provision on plastic bag ban (1) , ban on plastic bags (2), Lucia Jansen for LCC (1) , Mareta Hamre for LCC (2), CMS Field Cost reduction (1), Mill rate reduction debate (2)., Jeffery Medina for HHS (1), Northwest Fire Station (2), Fracking Waste Ban (1), For/Against Tolls SOMR (1)